Dr. Marty Nygaard is the medical director of Intermountain Medical Group, Southwest Division. He was honored as the Washington County Medical Alliance 1998 Doctor of the Year, served as Dixie Regional Medical Center’s medical staff president in 2002, and was also honored by his peers a “Best Doctor,” a nationwide recognition, in 2003. While cerebral palsy has somewhat limited Dr. Nygaard’s dexterity with his hands, it has increased his compassion and his commitment to serving those who are disabled or limited. During his work as a general pediatrician for more than 24 years, Dr. Nygaard has taken care of a number of patients with Down’s syndrome and other chromosomal and congenital anomalies and is enthusiastic about supporting the Wonderwood Foundation’s quest to develop best practices for the health and lifestyle of its students. For the last five years Dr. Nygaard has been active in the leadership of a church-sponsored weekly activities night for adolescents and adults with special needs.