Are you able to donate specific items to help open the school?

Thank you in advance! Please keep watching as our needs change.

Immediate Needs

Facilities either by donation or with a reduced-cost lease. Most preferred location: Salt Lake City, Utah metro area, including Davis and Morgan counties. This may be:

  • an office-like space with a commercial kitchen and large common areas,
  • a large home-like building on spacious property with room for outbuildings and workshops, or
  • undeveloped property, five to twenty-five acres, preferably with trees.

Use of facilities for intermittent use–meetings, training, curriculum planning, fundraising events

Volunteer work

Upcoming Needs

  • Computers, iPads, printers, projectors and screens, interactive whiteboards, large calculators, math-manipulative sets, globes, science materials, large maps
  • Commercial or industrial building space
  • Shuttle vehicle
  • Exercise equipment, especially treadmills (new) and weight machines (may be used), mats, and exercise balls
  • Sports equipment, including three-wheeled bikes, sports court materials, and soccer gear
  • Cafeteria tables and chairs, as well as dishes and cutlery
  • Furnishings: desks, tables, chairs, sofas, bookshelves
  • Food donations