There are five great things
that we can do together.

1 Let’s get in touch.

We’d love to hear your stories, answer your questions, send you an application, or get to know you better. Can we help your student even if you don’t live near a Wonderwood campus? Can we meet with you to discuss research you’d like to do, or to partner on a project? Contact us today!

Contact Wonderwood

2 Help fund one College Bridge student and change the world.

Your sponsorship of even one Wonderwood College Bridge student will make a difference! First, the individual student will be able to access the most comprehensive education available for students with Down syndrome in this country. Second, by supporting his or her success, you’ll help show the world that students with Down syndrome can thrive in college. That will lead to expanded opportunities at more universities, and THAT will lead to a transformation of education at the high school level as teachers and educators realize there are goals and programs to strive for.

Right now, there are students on our waiting list for funding. Your donation will go directly into a scholarship for a young man or woman who is eager to be on campus preparing for independence and an included life. Thank you for your generosity!

Donate Now!

3 Be a peer volunteer.

If you are a college-age student yourself, expand your own world by joining us! Our students will learn more enthusiastically from you as a peer than from anyone else, and they’ll think you’re amazing.

  • Come to Saturday Science and help us learn about marine life or the laws of motion.
  • Invite a College Bridge student to visit one of your own college classes.
  • Apply to be a community activity leader.
  • Obtain hands-on learning in your chosen profession, whether that is speech therapy, psychology, special education, neuroscience, or social work.
  • Consider becoming a mentoring roommate. Live in a great place, make a difference, and get discounted rent!
  • Invite a student to come to devotional, play a game of basketball, or just be a friend.

Ask us about credit for internships and community service hours. We promise you’ll love your association with these smart, funny, hard-working, delightful young people!

4 Share the news with someone who needs it.

Has a bright and eager young student with Down syndrome impacted your life? Introduce them to our programs that will help propel him or her forward into even greater progress. If he’s already enthusiastic about birds or outdoor adventures, ask how he could join the next session of Saturday Science. Whether she is into reading or health sciences or social media, let’s work on helping her prepare to be a real college student. Call us to discuss customized needs for academic tutoring, social experiences, or a health program, and we’ll open doors together.