There are five great things
that we can do together.

1 Let’s get in touch

We’d love to hear your stories, answer your questions, send you an application, or get to know you better. Can we help your student even if you don’t live near a Wonderwood campus? Can we meet with you to discuss research you’d like to do, or to partner on a project? Contact us today!

Contact Wonderwood

2 You can help fund this world-changing venture

If we can show the world what students with Down syndrome can really do, education will change for all students with Down syndrome, whether they have an opportunity to participate in the Wonderwood Academy or not. Help us fund the development of a curriculum that works, outfit a school with equipment and materials customized for our students, train teachers in revolutionary teaching techniques, and make connections for our students! Whether you can help buy a single iPad or outfit a library, your donation will matter. A funding campaign is underway right now. Please donate, and encourage your friends to consider this mission.

Donate Now!

3 Let us help your business flourish

As part of our vocational training program, we’ll be teaching our students skills that may help you. Could you use free (or nearly free) fresh-baked muffins for your morning conference? Do you have a company car you would like to have our team repair? Maybe we could build some custom bookshelves, or enter computer data into your system for you. We would love to work with you. Please let us know how we can help!

4 Hire one of our students

It could be that the best thing you could do for your company image is to hire one of our students! Your clients will love the warmth and professionalism employees with Down syndrome can bring to your business. Skeptical about their skill level? We will send one of our consultants to survey your requirements and create a list of skills your employee would need to serve you efficiently. We can create a custom program to prepare a student to meet your needs, and provide a job mentor to make sure everything goes smoothly. You will be amazed at what an employee with Down syndrome can do for your workload, your productivity, and your office morale!

5 Share your talents with us

We are all still learning how to help young people with Down syndrome be included for life. If you can volunteer in a classroom, share experiences, help run a workshop, inform us about community activities, or lend your medical or educational expertise, we’d love to have you join us. We especially need peer volunteers of high school and college age. Ask us about credit for internships, community service hours, and participation in our local service groups. We promise you’ll love your association with these smart, funny, hard-working, delightful young people!