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Registration for the Wonderwood College Bridge program, Fall 2017 Semester

Details about this brand-new college transition program are still being finalized. Students will attend college classes with peer mentors on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, and attend speech, health, math, writing, and reading comprehension classes at their own level in the afternoons. Classes begin August 29, 2017.
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Registration for the Wonderwood Academy evening program, Fall 2017 Semester

Wednesday night classes are held every Wednesday evening in Woods Cross, Utah, from 6:00 to 8:00.
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Course Selections:

Speech and Memory

Our custom curriculum for young adults with Down syndrome, utilizing memory exercises and games as a basis for improving articulation, speech pacing, and short term memory. Classes are taught by a clinical speech pathologist whose experiences with our students have led to her development of techniques and exercises which, according to our students’ families, have led to articulation improvement greater than with any previous therapy. As with all our classes, peer partners in the speech classes greatly enhance the fun and motivation of our students.

Really Reading, Levels A through D

Students improve their reading beginning with their current level of ability, from letter recognition to fluency improvement to reading comprehension courses that include inference, main ideas, multiple word meanings, and vocabulary building.

300-Steps Math Program

Two levels of math are taught using this revolutionary program developed especially for students with Down syndrome. The teaching methods take into account the students’ typical strengths, such as the ability to understand symbols and recognize patterns, and the students’ typical weaknesses, such as difficulty in memorizing number facts. Math concepts are made visual, dynamic, and interactive, and students are given opportunities to use higher reasoning skills even when memorization is difficult.

Social Activites

Our students enjoy every class, but there is no doubt that the social activity is everyone’s favorite part of Wednesday nights. All students, peers, and teachers participate in the fun. No one can guess what the next week will bring, but favorite activities have included painting, stargazing, Twister, karaoke, dodgeball, un-birthday parties, omelet making, drum playing, and goat milking.

Come and join the fun! Please email us to request an application packet.