Sponsoring Students With Down Syndrome Just Got Sweeter!

Thanks to a generous partnership with Dreyer’s Ice Cream, sponsoring Utah students with Down syndrome just got sweeter! Companies and individuals who donate to Wonderwood Academy are in for a treat. Find out more…
Find Out More!

Announcing the College Bridge Program, Coming Soon!

The Wonderwood College Bridge program will be the first curriculum in the nation to support students with Down syndrome in pursuing academic advancement at their own level three full days a week, and participate in local university classes with peer support two days a week. Register now as a parent consultant or as a prospective student.

Wonderwood Academy Fall 2017 Semester

Wonderwood Academy classes will resume 6 September 2017 and will continue to meet Wednesday evenings in Woods Cross, Utah. Classes are open to all students over the age of 14. These fun evenings include two academic classes of the student’s choice, taught by our outstanding speech pathologist or by teachers who specialize in the creative ways in which students with Down syndrome learn best. Classes are followed by nightly social activities with friends and typical peers. Courses include:

  • Reading fluency
  • Specialized speech therapy
  • Math
  • Social activities
  • Reading comprehension
  • Technology training

Click here to enroll as one of these exceptional students.

Nestlé Dreyer’s Sponsors Specialized Fitness Program

Exercising 2

Thanks to a generous grant by Nestlé Dreyer’s Ice Cream of Salt Lake City, our students are proud participants in a 5-week fitness course featuring a customized nutrition program and an exercise plan. Each student is learning to independently make wise food choices, while also working out at least three days a week. Gold’s Gym and Kyle Scoville of Gigi’s Fithouse have teamed up to offer free gym memberships, workout events, and fitness evaluations. Ask our students about their heart rate and they’ll proudly show you their Fit Bit stats!

Click here for more info about Gigi’s Fithouse and a fitness workshop for students with Down syndrome at FitCon in Salt Lake!

Science and Community Themes

Students thoroughly enjoyed the Science and Community theme of the Fall 2016 semester, “Music in My Life.” As the theme unified reading materials, speech practice, math problems and field trips, the students learned to read and conduct music, explore categories of music and exceptional musicians, and use technology to modify and create music. They even constructed their own xylophones and learned to play them. In December, they presented a genuinely joyful xylophone rendition of “Joy to the World” as special guest musicians in the Christmas in the Islands concert by Orchestra Adventures and the Encore Youth Chamber Orchestra.
Click here for more info about our friends at the Encore Youth Orchestra.

Winter 2017 Science and Community Theme: Space and Rocketry. The students are fascinated by the topics of star formation, constellations, light, the Hubble Telescope, and the Laws of Motion! The highlight of the March activities was learning about convex and concave lenses as the students assembled their own telescopes and observed the planet Mars. Families and all guests are invited to join us on March 15th for the launch of the rockets the students are building! Please call for time and location.